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Allpower Generator is a registered trade name of Last Stand Holding Corp. 


"Our office staff has many years of back-up power systems,  business management, estimating, parts, and dispatch experience and our team is very dedicated to our customers. I am grateful for all they do each and every day. 


Our mechanics are highly skilled and have years of experience. They love generators and care about yours as if it were their own. They have a tough job and never know what they will run into in the field, what time of day or night they may be called in, or what turmoil the weather may cause. They handle it with a great attitude and it is impressive to watch. 


Our electrical and mechanical contractors  are the top in their field and are truly partners to Allpower. They are very much appreciated, professional, and are the only companies that adhere to our high standard of quality. "

Daniel Martelli 

President and CEO

The Allpower Difference

Our company focus is very straight forward. We deliver  industry experience, quality products,  and reliable business practices to power generation customers. We cut no corners when it comes to generator installations, service calls, or preventative maintenance. 

Everyone has been jumping on the generator band wagon the last several years and it is common for generator manufacturers to let just about anyone sell and install their products after they take a two day seminar. At Allpower we are not electricians, plumbers, big box store retailers, or internet shop keepers in the generator business part time. We are a generator company all day and every day.  Think about it...when is the last time you called your plumber or electrician and contracted him to fix your car. If you did, how do think that would go? Generators are no different.