Load Bank Testing

Allpower Generator has state of the art load bank test equipment and can perform resistive load bank tests for up to 500kw generators. We offer 2 and 4 hour load bank tests and will provide a detailed performance report for your record. Load Bank tests are designed to detrmine if the genset is capable of operating per the manufacturers design. For diesel powered engines load bank tests help blow out carbon deposits and prevent wet stacking. 

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Generator Preventative Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do to protect your investment and keep your lights on during a power outage is regular preventative maintenance. Generators are combustion engine machines and require an experienced generator mechanic to keep them in top condition. We provide annual P.M. agreements with 2 comprehensive site visits per year. 

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Generator Service

If you need an experienced  generator mechanic to perform service or troubleshoot your power system our mechanics are courteous, knowledgeable, factory trained, and certified. Most importantly our lead mechanics are not people that just went to a class to get certified. They have years of practical mechanical experience beyond what is presented by the manufacturers. We are privileged  to have such a dedicated staff of generator mechanics. 

Generator Installations

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